Enter the Launcher: Starcraft II

I love this thing! Have I mentioned that already?

Along the left side, if you haven’t launched the launcher in a while (or a couple of the games supported by the launcher) it’ll scan your installs and update anything that needs updating. (Boy I hope I get in the Hearthstone beta soon).

No more wondering if you have the latest patch of your current Blizzard games. Starcraft II is one I’m guilty of not playing often, and one reason I didn’t was because I didn’t want to sit and wait for it to update.

There’s a “News” tab along the top but key pieces of news and announcements are displayed right here on the top game screen.

Other additions that are supposedly in the works will be a chat system that taps the battlenet network so you can talk to your friends before even firing up a game.

This was a welcome improvement. I don’t see myself launching any of the Blizzard games from Steam anymore now.


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