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WoW – BG – Twin Peaks

Venturing into Twin Peaks during Brewfest with Redflare. Let the dual healing being! Meanwhile TJ is in the background chatting, I think on Skype with somebody. Looks like we had a thunderstorm that didn’t get picked up on my mic, … Continue reading

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OW – Opening of Lootboxes!

Let’s see how my luck pans out, shall we? Only had three built up, but may as well open them, eh? -FF

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OW – QuickPlay – Attacking Ilios messed up on the webcam again. I think this was the first time I managed to get killed by a Genji reflect. Took my teammate Tracer’s bullets and handed them right to me! :p Round 2 felt a little … Continue reading

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OW – Final Mercy Quad Rez

My last multi-rez prior to the Mercy patch. Not too shabby. 🙂 -FF

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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Order of the Awakened

We have a new post out on the repping with leashes site! This time exploring Order of the Awakened. Stop by! -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Temple of Anubis Attack

Watching this though, something I should have done is taken advantage of my rez cooldown being faster when I ulted. What’s funny is that by the time this goes live, they’ve yet again changed how Mercy Ults work in regards … Continue reading

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Hey Rein! I’m up here!

The poor Rein just didn’t seem to understand where he was getting hit from. That was nicely a benefit for me. 🙂 -FF  

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