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Heroes 2.0: Opening of the Boxes

Come by and join me as I open the loot boxes rewarded with Heroes 2.0 and decide on which mega pack to buy. Thanks for stopping by! -FF

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Mercy Powered Bastion

Beat on my Bastion all you want attackers, none shall pass! -FF

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Reinhardt V Bastion

So close! Their Rein was down. Swordagent and I charged in, trying to take the point on a final push before time ran out. I boosted him as Ana and did my best to keep him alive. The Bastion was … Continue reading

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Redirect: Steamwheedle Preservation Society

Another Repping with Leashes article has arrived! This time, the Steamwheedle Preservation Society. -FF

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The Countered Mercy Rez

I really have no clue how the POTG system works, but since this was my first POTG ever as Mercy, beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. What’s heartbreaking at the end, however, is well, you’ll see. At least I can … Continue reading

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Lúcio Boop

I’m not sure what it says for this match that I even got POTG but since I don’t get them very often, I’ll take it! Poor Mei, she just wanted to chill on the objective… -FF

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