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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Arakkoa Outcasts

Here’s the link to the article! -FF Advertisements

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Snowfeather Falcosaur Adventures (Redirect)

Stop on by the A3 blog! Repping with Leashes – Falcosaur Adventures (Snowfeather) -FF

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Redirect – Repping with Leashes – Order of the Cloud Serpent

Ready to check it out? Here’s the link! -FF

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“Priceless Family Heirlooms”

I recovered “priceless family heirlooms” for Oren Windstrider. He gave me 17 gold. Let me be clear. I put myself in mortal danger to retrieve his items, was attacked by spiders, and was dropped over a cliff head first, all … Continue reading

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Broken Shore: Horde Side

Now that Legion has officially launched and the Broken Shore scenario is no more I felt it was safe to go ahead and schedule this and share my mage’s play-through. I had to use Redflare’s computer so that’s why I’m … Continue reading

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Legion Maining and Crafting

So I’ve seen some talk about folks either sticking with their current main in Legion or switching. We are getting a new class after all. Then there’s the question of professions as well. I feel like my Legion leveling plan … Continue reading

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Boosting With Gold?

So this series of tweets inspired me to write: With all the gold millionaires. What if. ..Boost to level 110 for 500,000 gold. …Do you take it or not. Discuss — Marathal (@Marathal_2_0) April 18, 2016 @flameflash @Kaiaphin once you … Continue reading

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