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OW – POTG – First Round – Won

I don’t get to dps that much, but here we go with a rather satisfying kill streak and a very happy robot announcer. -FF

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OW – POTG – Brig Goes Bashing

And now we get to our deathmatch where I walk away with the POTG. 60-something percent kill participation? I’m very happy about that. -FF

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OW – POTG – Doom From Above

Swordagent, in comparison to Superman/Nailfury’s highlight shows a nice difference between the sixteen year old and the ten year old. It’s also nice to see Doomfist being successfully wielded in our household. -FF

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OW – POTG – Death Dings

Just listen to the glorious sounds of all my turrets poking people to death along with Torb and then wrapping things up by putting up the wall. You, shall not, pass. -FF

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OW – POTG – Exploding Death

What I really like about this one is watching two people duck off to the side away from the bomb while my explosion manages to take out both healers and a tank. All from an unplanned DVa ult. It’s especially … Continue reading

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OW – POTG – Double Surrender

Can’t really tell who I’m bringing down well, but it’s clearly a successful counter to the opposite team’s rally because my tanks wisely stay in my healing beam and bring down at least four of them. -FF

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OW – POTG – Reaper Denied

That poor Reaper tried nice and hard to take me down… Meanwhile, I only ever feel slightly bad when I kill an enemy Mercy. Always feel like I’m swinging at myself. -FF

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