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Music: 12 Days of Winter Veil

Merry Christmas! Of course I had to save this one for today, so I’m going back to the kids and let everyone enjoy. -FF

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Rep Relief

Now I haven’t gotten to see this for myself yet but I never did like the idea of no rep from dungeons. Dailies are fine and good but I’d rather have another way of gaining reputation other than that.

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Music: Greatfather Winter

Wait, I’m actually posting something when the timing is right this time!? Who knew? Winterveil just started this last weekend. It’s a favorite holiday in game so having a song to celebrate it just seemed the right thing to do. … Continue reading

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Music: Break Your Chart

Since DPS meters are often closely watched at the level cap this seemed appropriate. Hopefully when this goes live I at least have one level 90. :p -FF

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Blizzard Store Invasion

First off… cinder kitten is available! Now, here’s the thing about the cat:

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Other Darkmoon Goodies: Cloak and Carousel

The Darkmoon cloak was always there, but now you can transmog to it. How many are now going to show your Darkmoon fandom by grabbing one of these things (after buying the new pet, of course)? Then we also have … Continue reading

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Come on Down!

Yesterday I was talking about how you can get “free” bags at the Darkmoon Faire for your army of alts on servers that don’t have a sponsor (AKA a high level character). Well, what if I told you there’s also … Continue reading

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Music: Run Deathwing Run

This one was incredible. Sit back and enjoy. I have no constructive feedback to give on this one. -FF

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Jumpstart Your Bags With Darkmoon Faire

So I was visiting the Darkmoon Faire for the first time on my Horde Monk and stumbled upon this little gem as I checked out the new pets:

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It’s Getting Hot in Here…

… or is that just me? Wait… do you guys smell something burning? OMG!? WTF?! PUTMEOUTPUTMEOUTPUTMEOUT!

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