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Datamined: Triple Spec Threat

Wowinsider posted (and commented correctly that right now it’s just datamined) that a third spec achievement is now in the patch files. This is one happy druid if this is true. I like bear spec, I like resto spec, but … Continue reading

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Hearthstone Announced

Think Duals of the Plainswalkers, but with Warcraft. It’s certainly something I’ll be checking out. Already signed up for the beta. -FF

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Starcraft II: Vengeance

We’re just full of trailers this week! This one is definitely on my wishlist. Gives me a bit of a spoiler since I still haven’t time to play through all of SCII but it makes me rethink the fact that … Continue reading

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5.2 Trailer! The Thunder King

I think I’ll let Loremaster Cho speak for this one. It looks awesome and I’m looking forward to the changes. -FF

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