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5.1 Strikes! Pet Battle System Addon Updates

So now that 5.1 has hit and all the update dust is settling from the websites (okay, so most addons are still probably not up to date and you’re frantically checking around, I get that) what addons were perhaps outdated … Continue reading

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Music: Hallow’s End (Is Calling)

Couldn’t understand this one too well in places, but I liked the imagery and the celebration of an under appreciated WoW holiday. So this last week we’re thankful for WoW holidays in game. Hallow’s End is behind us by a … Continue reading

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Music: Never Gonna Give Up

The sound equalization is a little off on this one, but it’s still a fun one. And it let’s us be thankful for group content too in game. -FF

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WoW Celebrates 8 Years

And with that celebration they release a mash up video that does those eight years a lot of justice.

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Music: Blame it On the Tanks

Just the title of this one sounds exceptionally familiar. These days though I watch as the tanks blame the group and just drop, which is funny since that means that they just wasted a lot of their time.

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Music: Don’t Stop BGing

No need to watch on this one, just listen. A great collaboration between Darkpippi and Letomi. This month we’re supposed to celebrate what we’re thankful for. Me? Fear on my warlock. 😉 -FF

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