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OW – Arcade – Airborne Route #BlameNoodles

We’ll all take to the air, that’ll move the payload for sure! 😉 So this Noodles player we just kept running into during our string of No Limits. Clearly playing their main, so everything at this point becomes Noodles’ fault. … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Doorway Denial

I don’t get to DPS very often (probably why I enjoy doing mystery heroes) so it’s satisfying watching me help destroy everybody from the air. Amusingly, you can see son Swordagent get a kill as Hammond on this one too, … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Mystery Mayhem

After getting our butts kicked in Lucioball perhaps let’s have the team that was stomping us splat some others and go to Mystery heroes. To get stomped. Oh well. At least that leaves time for the next match in this … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Pharah Chance of Partly Justice

Now we’re starting to get into the matches that were falling apart in competitive season 9. Yes, justice managed to rain from above, but not for long. At least long enough to get a pick I suppose. -FF

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OW – Season 9 Comp on Route 66

New recording file… same great sound lag. At least the sound isn’t totally missing this time around? What was amazing about this is that tanks and heals got locked in leaving Swordagent and I to actually go dps!? After a … Continue reading

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OW – QuickPlay – Illios

Oh look, sound is getting out of sync already on this one. I’d probably have muted it due to the sync issues except probably the best part of this match is the banter between all of us. -FF

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OW-POTG-Pharah Fires Away

I think the title here speaks for itself… -FF

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