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Hearthstone Brawl: Shiftcon

Time to release the shifters and see if we can get a free pack! -FF Advertisements

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Ahune Brawl Run 2

For the next (and last) attempt at the Ahune brawl from last week Sunday night… at least I got to see what mage had in store when their player is competent. :p -FF

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Called it! Account Wide Mounts

Now I was thinking about this very issue earlier this week. Not that it’s much of a surprise, but it is a pleasant one. Fel Concentration already posted my feelings on the matter though: don’t mess with class mounts! Warlocks, Paladins, and … Continue reading

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Wowinsider: 3 Windwalker Monk Abilities [From] Classic Fighting Games

It’s fun for those not in the beta (or those of us not heavily playing in the beta due to time constraints) to imagine moves like “hundred hand slap” come to life in our current favorite game.

The fact it comes in the form of a panda delivering these moves makes it just that much more satisfying.

The one thing I worry about for my future Monk is the fact that she’ll be carrying multiple sets of gear, like my druid.

The Death Knight and Paladin, in comparison, don’t really carry that much differentiated gear. Why? Because I only quest as that off dps spec (or tank in the off dps spec in the case of my DK).

We’ll have to wait and see how the Monk plays out, but what I’ve seen so far tells me I’ll have an Undead Monk 

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