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Music: Pandaria

Celebrate the return of Ninja Raiders‘ Ember Isolte! It’s a little long, but her talent can’t be questioned. As 5.4 approaches and the end of Pandaria comes this is an appropriate homage to the expansion. Now, to go… wait, is that … Continue reading

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Siege of Ogrimmar Release Date Announced

So we already knew it was coming but now we know when. I’ll just leave this here and hope to go try and gear up and finish 5.3 content in between packing this weekend. Art from a world of warcraft tweet. … Continue reading

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Diablo III: New Class Enters: Crusader

Do you smell that? I think… I think it’s a paladin! So Reaper of Souls was announced and alongside that awesome trailer was this one highlighting the new class. (Lower parental advisory).

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Diablo III Expansion Announced: Reaper of Souls

Come, and stay a while. Parental screening first is advised.

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Enter the Launcher: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft takes the launcher that Starcraft and Diablo uses and adds a bit of extra information. To the right of the “play” button, for instance, we find out how much time we have left on our WoW subscription! … Continue reading

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Enter the Launcher: Diablo III

Now, the Diablo III tab is heavily similar to the Starcraft II tab on the launcher. Again the reason I haven’t played this game heavily is the fact that I knew it was questionable if it was up to date. No … Continue reading

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Enter the Launcher: Starcraft II

I love this thing! Have I mentioned that already? Along the left side, if you haven’t launched the launcher in a while (or a couple of the games supported by the launcher) it’ll scan your installs and update anything that … Continue reading

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5.4 Siege of Ogrimmar Cinematic

I’m just going to leave this here for a moment.

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Head on over to Blizzard’s site and grab it ASAP! Curious about what it does? Wary of logging in like you might Steam and forgetting about it? I’ll be posting screenshots of the launcher over the weekend and reviewing the … Continue reading

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The Burdens of Shaohao: Part Five

After anger, violence, and hatred came the sundering. Thus the conclusion of “the Burden of Shaohao”… It’s interesting timing given that we’re nearing the end of this expansion. It’s appreciated though too because we get to recall why we went … Continue reading

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