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Beta: Considering Achievements for All

You know, the beta findings about achievements that we posted about earlier are awesome. Until you consider some of the other negative ramifications as they currently stand on the beta: you can’t complete meta achievements. So character 1 finishes requirement … Continue reading

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Diablo III Approaches!

And here we have their TV commercial!

I know, I know, not specifically Warcraft… but they do have a monk class too you know. 😉


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Mists Beta: Achievements for Everyone!

Aside from the new mount/pet UI we also got to see the new achievement system start to take shape. So I’ll first share just these two screenshots.

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Mists Beta: A Mount For All Occasions

The new user interface now available for your mounts is exciting to me. You can see here (ignore the warlock pet bar please) that we have a much larger 3D model viewer mode on the mounts screen. The “pet journal” … Continue reading

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WowInsider: Prepping for Pandaran RP

WowInsider: Prepping for Pandaran RP

This is a wonderful primer to get your creative juices flowing.

Sure my home base may be Zangarmarsh for Alliance (normal server) but that doesn’t mean I don’t like thinking up backstories of my characters. Had I known then what I know now I’d have gone RP all the way after all… so I sneak it in when I can.

With the addition of account wide achievements (see my upcoming post) this gets even more possible for me to say goodbye to my current troupe and perhaps venture into a RP realm without feeling bad about doing so.

We’ll see where the Mists take us in our stories. Topics like this really make me look forward to it.


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Wowhead: Mists of Pandaria: Pet Battle Sneak Peek

The first peek at the pet battle system is a wobbly one, but this is still early beta.

The narrator does a great job in explaining how the system will work. I can already see quite a few minimap mods out there either making a sound or modifying how large the icons appear.

This is a feature I can very much see at least my daughter using, though I have a feeling I’ll be out there a lot too.


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Fel Forum Fiction #3

As the throng grew a familiar form to Adrinas and Irethorn became visible.  Aniendha had revealed herself on the outer edges of the fray, striking out at those that appeared to be healing and supporting their allies in the center … Continue reading

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Look What Just Turnip’d!

A turnip pet was just farmed out of the beta’s database and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make an absolutely horrible pun. I apologize. But for the pet collector in me, this is thrilling. Three great comments so far, … Continue reading

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A Wowinsider Windwalker Article and a Personal Role Musing

Wowinsider: 3 Windwalker Monk Abilities [From] Classic Fighting Games

It’s fun for those not in the beta (or those of us not heavily playing in the beta due to time constraints) to imagine moves like “hundred hand slap” come to life in our current favorite game.

The fact it comes in the form of a panda delivering these moves makes it just that much more satisfying.

The one thing I worry about for my future Monk is the fact that she’ll be carrying multiple sets of gear, like my druid.

The Death Knight and Paladin, in comparison, don’t really carry that much differentiated gear. Why? Because I only quest as that off dps spec (or tank in the off dps spec in the case of my DK).

We’ll have to wait and see how the Monk plays out, but what I’ve seen so far tells me I’ll have an Undead Monk 

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Fel Forum Fiction #2

With the stained, shredded, Felhunter soaked sheets neatly piled by the door and the obnoxiously tall mage snoring on the stripped bed Greenom had curled up at the foot of the bed, finally seeming to understand that one didn’t wake … Continue reading

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