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Super Mario Multiverse – An Anniversary of All-Stars

With as old as Mario is, and the video game industry being what it is, of course Super Mario All-Stars would get a “limited edition/25th Anniversary Edition” for the Wii when the timing was just right.

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Super Mario Multiverse – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

After Blogger Blitz with Adventure Rules I’m surprised to be finding myself in another collab project, but a Mario appreciation project? How can I refuse an opportunity like that? As my collab with Ian, it all started with a tweet. … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Cheap Kills

Yeah, I feel dirty about this one. The poor Zarya player was clearly having a connection issue… either that, or really didn’t want to be Zarya. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Soldier Denied

Sorry Solder 76, not today. -FF

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OW – Arcade – Solo Mysteries Deepening

The curse of making sure videos are always around the 15 minute mark is that sometimes we catch the tail end of games when I marathon string them together like this. I’m perfectly happy with leaving a video on a … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Hitting Mystery Heroes Running

Flowing right from last time we’re holding the point on Junkertown before the first objective point. Time to see if we manage to keep doing so. I’m highly amused at how many characters show up on my list when playing … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Storming Rise Mystery

I got stuck as Genji and some glitching on loading this time. Not sure if it’s the recording that glitched or the actual gameplay though as I seem to be doing ‘okay’ as Genji. Things are better once I’m able … Continue reading

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OW – Retribution Returns x2

I was just a bit slow on the draw for getting Moira. I must be out farming for lootboxes again or something. Because this one is lacking in commentary from me though I sped up the play a bit. What’s … Continue reading

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Dauntless – Striking Lightning Twice

I looked at the timestamp on a lot of these videos recently and it’s mostly from his birthday. We must have been doing a round of ‘his choice’ games and so we landed back into Dauntless after our Fortnite plays. … Continue reading

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