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Mists Collector’s Edition Unboxing

Something like this really doesn’t need much of an introduction. So I’m just going to leave this here… Enjoy! -FF Advertisements

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Music: Rolling With Mad Deeps

This is another great take on the “Rolling in the Deep” original by Adele. We posted the first one we found back a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn’t resist another run on this, especially for the first … Continue reading

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No More Beta

Well, I uninstalled the Mists beta. Two days left, there’s no need to keep it. It was fun to experience the beta. I hope to see the next beta, but that’ll come with a few more years hopefully. A little … Continue reading

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Wear Your Faction Pride on Xbox Live!

As Blizzard makes it clear here you can catch an advertisement on your Xbox that will let you get a special shirt for your Live character. The shirts look good. Signed RedFlare up with Live just so we could get … Continue reading

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Get Ready for the Launch!

Blizzard has uploaded another Mists launch event trailer. Are you excited yet? -FF

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My how time flies. Back in 2010 was the last time I felt the need to call into The Instance and now here they are at episode 291. Warlocks… represent! You can catch my cold-riddled voice at…

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Wrath Joins the Battlechest!

Over in the EU at least there is this interesting post that says we get Wrath bundled with Burning Crusade and the original game. What lightly stinks for me is I have a spare battle chest sitting in a box upstairs … Continue reading

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