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Shaman Pandaran Brother’s Totems

MMO-Champion gives us what our brother’s totems will look like… probably. Many thanks to wowinsider for spotting these out in the wild… I suppose I should start following this “Champion” myself now, eh? Our brother pandas out there are going to … Continue reading

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Shaman Pandarian Brothers: Totems

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Wowhead Video- Warlock Pet Changes

All right folks, fine, I admit it… I’m an altoholic.

There, are you happy now?

Sure this isn’t Monk related, but my little gnome warlock Fel is going to love some of these changes.

Makes me wonder what the impact will be on my RP emotes for summoning my demons though, that will be interesting to see.

Either way, the warlock news that is coming out about Mists is sometimes as exciting as the Pandaran and Monks to me, so I couldn’t help but share this video and comment on it lightly.


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Female Pandaren Emotes/Animations gave us an absolutely wonderful run-through of the emotes that are currently in game.

The hair… watch the hair!

Now if only my female nightelf druid was this animated… I can just imagine her braid blowing back in the hearthstone winds…


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Monk Talent Calculator

Monk Talent Calculator

WoWhead has a talent calculator up for our future Monk friends.

There’s far too much information here to try and grab screenshots and serve it justly, so just hop over there and check it out!


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Pandaran Racials

Can’t choose a monk of another race without first considering what Pandaran will bring to the table. WoWhead pulled a good group of racials from the beta for us to consider. Bouncy: You take half falling damage. Epicurean: Your love … Continue reading

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Character Creation UI

Wowhead has put up a great video of the now character creation UI in the beta. Gives us a pit of an idea of how our characters are going to look.

The red pandas immediately getting tails is an amazing touch.


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The Adventure Begins “Soon”

Greetings! I’m FlameFlash of You have ventured into what will be my test bed of everything World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. In game I’m an altoholic, so it’s only natural that I’d like to create a monk. The thing … Continue reading

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