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OW – Highlight – Floating to Victory

What I like is you can catch the DVa ult that got us the win on that match at the same time. I’ll just hover here and keep the team healthy. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Bombs Away

Don’t mind me, just dropping in. -FF

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OW – QP – Turret Trolling – Mercy Flowing

Well, we tried to troll them with turrets, but eventually the first point got taken. After that very very fast round we rolled into another match nice and quickly. I was too entertained listening to the banter to do much … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Paris Play

And now I go to Paris for my first time too! So this was my first experience with the first chokepoint too. I love the broken bodies ending up in Zarya’s ult. -FF

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OW – QP – Watching Gibraltar Defense

Good old dead dancing Genji. This is why I play quick play, to just laugh, screw around, and play. I ate so many of our Mercy’s revives this match, I’m chuckling to myself as the gameplay continues. -FF

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OW – QP – Hallway Hollywood Attack

So the camera indicates I’m in the upstairs hall for some reason, probably wanted to play some Overwatch but also sit with the Littles so they’d actually go to sleep. Hey look, this match is the first time I select … Continue reading

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HS – Ranked April Mage

Recorded on April 1, it sounds like I was slightly sick as I record this match at work. As usual, my match clipping is in full effect to speed up the video and make it as engaging as possible. Before … Continue reading

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