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OW – Arcade – Solo Mysteries Deepening

The curse of making sure videos are always around the 15 minute mark is that sometimes we catch the tail end of games when I marathon string them together like this. I’m perfectly happy with leaving a video on a … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Hitting Mystery Heroes Running

Flowing right from last time we’re holding the point on Junkertown before the first objective point. Time to see if we manage to keep doing so. I’m highly amused at how many characters show up on my list when playing … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Death Charge

I’m really glad this saved as a highlight. The reaction in the live clip is probably more satisfying, but it’s still fun being able to rewatch it as a highlight too. -FF

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OW – Panda Many Man Apocalypse

I’m not quite sure how the match transitioned into having so many Roadhogs running around, but here we are anyway. This is rolling right from the action of the last file so after everybody comments on the Roadhogs suddenly I … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Panda Nepal and Loot

The final Panda match takes us to Nepal and me into tanking. After this one we ended the session and it was time to open some lootboxes! That’s right, as of May I had Halloween lootboxes left. Oops. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Moon Hammer Patrol

I’ll just come out of spawn and smack Mercy on the back of the head and then hit Symmetra in the face. Works for me. Clearly this was on mystery heroes, otherwise, why is there another Rein dying as I … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Mystery of Rialto

Ah, the chaos of mystery heroes mixed with the joys of that first bottleneck on Rialto. At least the pain is over quickly. -FF

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