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Brewfest’s Return (Weak Auras Help String)

So as I was racing my Ram around near Ironforge it hit me that I’m lacking a good and easy way to track how much longer I have and if I’m pushing my ram too hard. Wonder what it looks … Continue reading

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Heirloom Up With Darkmoon Faire: Buying Heirlooms

It seems like almost every month I give the darkmoon faire a pondering. It’s funny because before the island I didn’t give the faire a second thought. It just popped up either near Stormwind or Thunderbluff and I shrugged and … Continue reading

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Other Darkmoon Goodies: Cloak and Carousel

The Darkmoon cloak was always there, but now you can transmog to it. How many are now going to show your Darkmoon fandom by grabbing one of these things (after buying the new pet, of course)? Then we also have … Continue reading

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Come on Down!

Yesterday I was talking about how you can get “free” bags at the Darkmoon Faire for your army of alts on servers that don’t have a sponsor (AKA a high level character). Well, what if I told you there’s also … Continue reading

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Jumpstart Your Bags With Darkmoon Faire

So I was visiting the Darkmoon Faire for the first time on my Horde Monk and stumbled upon this little gem as I checked out the new pets:

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Realm Times Standardized

As I catch up on the week’s news and recover from Cyber Monday this gem came forth: In Patch 5.1 we’ve moved most time-based events on North American realms to standardized, region-wide times. -Source

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Music: Hallow’s End (Is Calling)

Couldn’t understand this one too well in places, but I liked the imagery and the celebration of an under appreciated WoW holiday. So this last week we’re thankful for WoW holidays in game. Hallow’s End is behind us by a … Continue reading

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