5.4 Siege of Ogrimmar Cinematic

I’m just going to leave this here for a moment.

Now pick your jaw up off the floor and join me in the excitement.

Redflare saw this and immediately said “I wish I was geared enough”. TJ stated, “Let’s go get him!”

Blizzard has given us a final foe for this expansion that we love to hate.

Arthas” was a tragic character, Deathwing an insane one, Illidan a fallen hero. Hellscream? He’s just power hungry nuts. (Can you tell I play the Alliance usually?)

Go read some of the WoW books. Especially “The Shattering” to watch Hellscream’s fall from hero to dictator and watch as he finally slips into probable oblivion.

I’m really looking forward to Blizzcon this year and the revelations that will likely come with the continuing story of Azeroth.

Time to go queue up for some “looking for raid” methinks.


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