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Breakin’ It Down

Lúcio is probably my favorite healer to play due to his AOE heal and mobility. Mercy is awesome if I have one tank, but when I have two, Lúcio is my man. Being a healer is sometimes a thankless job … Continue reading

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Attacking the Broken Shore – Alliance

My boys wanted to both record their experiences on the broken shore, so I went ahead and let them. No need to record my own if both sons are eager to record theirs. Special note, TJ, playing Wolfcrawler is a … Continue reading

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Alliance Broken Shore Cinematic

Yesterday brought you the “Horde side” (thank you Instance reference). Today brought you Alliance side. Thank you to MMOChampion for saving these out. -FF

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Horde Broken Shore Cinematic

So you’re here, you’ve been avoiding the spoilers, and now Legion has launched. What about the Horde Broken Shore cinematic? Well, you could have stuck it out with me for the full thing and caught it today, or you can … Continue reading

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Broken Shore: Horde Side

Now that Legion has officially launched and the Broken Shore scenario is no more I felt it was safe to go ahead and schedule this and share my mage’s play-through. I had to use Redflare’s computer so that’s why I’m … Continue reading

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