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Enchanted Fey Dragon on the Store

Not to be outdone by the Brew Pup (and in fact is available in a bundle) we have a very impressive looking mount. The best deal, of course, would be to grab them both at once for $30 rather than … Continue reading

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Alterac Brew Pup on the Store

This little dog looks really cool. Especially since it seems that whenever you right-click on him (or interact somehow) you get a drink! My Brewmaster mage will love him forever. Not to mention, right now, Blizzard will donate half of … Continue reading

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WoD: Instant Level 90. Who Will You Ding?

Who are you going to level? With the announcement that in WoD you get to boost one character with the purchase of the expansion it certainly sparked quick discussion in my household.

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Heroes of the Storm Trailer

While it’s hard to outdo anything WoW related, especially on this site, this trailer may have done it. I’ll let you be the judge though. -FF  

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Warlords of Draenor Announcement Trailer

Enough said. -FF

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Music? The Fox

Okay, I slightly apologize in advance… but after I watched it I needed to share my confusion… and slight misery… and am now listening to it for a second or third time so clearly it’s grown on me. I think … Continue reading

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