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Rein Kill Participation

This one felt great because we were on quite the win streak. Earned about 100 SR that night. I’m just an angry old man swinging a giant hammer. -FF

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Nexus Challenge Heroes Loot

The Nexus challenge is now over. What did you get in your loot boxes? I was able to catch opening mine on video. Come and join me. Did you do better? -FF

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Healing Through Bastion

TJ was Rein again, and as one does, I heard the familiar sound of impending doom from Mei’s freeze AOE ult. Time to burst into super heal and try to save some members of the team! Rein, what are you … Continue reading

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Junkrat Made Them Tired…

So the recording messed up because I changed windows to make sure it was recording… oops. You get the gist of it though. I enjoyed watching him especially chase down the last guy and mercilessly blow them up. -FF

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Redirect: Repping with Leashes – Frostwolf Orcs

Time to venture forth to the Horde starting experience of Warlords in this Repping with Leashes article! Frostwolf Orcs -FF

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Mercy Overtime POTG

“Heroes never die!” has never been such a satisfying and also ‘oh crap’ voiceline until Overwatch. What I enjoyed is that it let us win in overtime, and that TJ came charging back with a victim for some healing, just … Continue reading

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Rein At the Buzzer

I’m including this more because it was amusing. Typical Rein on a warpath POTG and then suddenly… Nothing. The match ended so behind the end victory credits TJ gets to see him finish off Bastion, but nobody else does. -FF

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