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Transmogrifying for Legion

This weekend it was time to finally start transmogrifying using the new tools of the 7.0 patch. Blue Recluse podcast (great guys, if you listen to podcasts I recommend adding them to your list for everything Blizzard) asked a while ago … Continue reading

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Transmog Helms Come to the Store

Cool. Now, take another look…

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Pet Store Expands! Transmog and On-Use Items

Over on the official WoW site you can see them or if you want to see them in action MMOChampion posted a video that I’m shamelessly linking here too (after the break).

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Other Darkmoon Goodies: Cloak and Carousel

The Darkmoon cloak was always there, but now you can transmog to it. How many are now going to show your Darkmoon fandom by grabbing one of these things (after buying the new pet, of course)? Then we also have … Continue reading

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The Pokémon Transmog

WoWinsider creative masters are at it again! You do have to have humans… and cloth wearers… to really pull off the transmogged look but given what they had to work with I think these are some great takes on the … Continue reading

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Transmog: FF6 to WoW: You got peanut butter in my chocolate!

Final Fantasy 6 was one of my gateway drugs into the realm of RPGs. To see WoWinsider do such an amazing job with three of the main characters definately warms my heart and sweetens my childhood memories. Memories that my children … Continue reading

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WowInsider Transmog Alert! He-Man!

WowInsider outdid themselves this time. The He-man themed sets they put together are absolutely amazing.

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