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HS – Kobalds Dungeon Run Start

“A Giant Rat!” Well, all right then. Let’s see how the mage performs then. A neat mode, but I’m not sure once I complete all the related quests I’ll have a reason to keep going. We’ll see. -FF

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HS – Brawl – Bag of Spells Run 2

May as well give this one more shot. Perhaps the RNG will be kinder to me this time around. So I then add RNG to the RNG, what the heck, may as well! As I said in the recording that … Continue reading

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Monday Bonus! Bayonetta – Chapter 1 (First 30 Min)

Warning: Bayonetta is rated M. Please keep that in mind before viewing. The video has been flagged accordingly to try and prevent accidental views. The first 30 minutes after the prologue! Curious about Bayonetta the game for your Switch? Now’s a … Continue reading

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HS – Brawl – Bag of Spells

Let’s see if the RNG favors us this time around with the bag of spells brawl. Nope. Since my starting spells are crap I’ll poke you with my weapon for round two! -FF

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OW – QP – Oasis Run

Hadn’t realized how much that Winston shield saved me from a high noon until I rewatched this. Moira’s giant laser beam is quite painful! Overall it was a fun match to spread mayhem and mischief on. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Lucio Moving With the Payload

Lucio himself says it best: Movin’ with the payload! -FF

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OW – Highlight – Junkrat Point Mayhem

Join me, cackle evilly, and blow everyone up! -FF

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OW – Highlight – Mercy Kill

A nicely straightforward highlight after a couple of matches in Overwatch. Let’s hunt down that pesky Mercy and slap her in the face with DVa’s gun! -FF

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OW – QP – Junkertown Attack

If you’re going to Junkertown you ought to start with Junkrat, right? 😉 And then it’s time to switch around to different characters. -FF

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OW – QP – Nepal Match

Nobody wants to tank huh? Fine by me. And all that talk previously of trying out Winston, it was time to go ahead and try him out in quick play right? I just wish I knew what was messing up … Continue reading

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