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OW – Arcade – Mystery Mayhem

After getting our butts kicked in Lucioball perhaps let’s have the team that was stomping us splat some others and go to Mystery heroes. To get stomped. Oh well. At least that leaves time for the next match in this … Continue reading

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OW – Mystery Heroes Warmup

My system was clearly suffering from both some lag and… well, loading issues. I was pondering not even keeping this footage but some of the deaths and kills are amusing, especially as I move through molasses. Sound issues so far … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Stationary Tracer

Because I’m clearly not a Tracer player normally but because she was the only one available as this match started up, it was time to get in there and shoot at things! -FF

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OW – Arcade – Mystery Heroes

Really got lucky and pulled Junkrat… and then I literally stepped right into it. So much for my Junkrat joy. For this one, I’ve tagged all the characters I ended up seeing. It was some nicely relaxed chaos. -FF

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Tracer Tapping Rampage

So what do we have here? Tracer doing Tracer things and killing Mercy? Check. But listen closely to near the end. TheBigMikey’s brother, playing Zen, shared a fun fact about discord orbs letting the Zen player wall watch their target. … Continue reading

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