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Music: Content We Used To Run

A truer song was never sung for WoW players. Once the old raid instance is outdated there is little to no interest to go run it. Poor Ulduar… -FF

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Brewfest Saved!

I’ll drink to that. It was originally reported that since Brewfest was updated for Mists you’d be pretty stuck out in the middle of nowhere thanks to not being able to be 90 when Brewfest even started. Fortunately a new … Continue reading

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Mists Collector’s Edition Content (The Back of the Box!)

So I went out to and swiped the back of the box image from their site here. Let’s take a closer look!

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MoP Release Date Announced! Sept 25!

Here we go! The Digital Deluxe version has also been confirmed… though I’ve already put in a preorder for the standard collector’s edition. If all you want are the WoW items (the mount and pet) it’s certainly a great option. … Continue reading

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Pet Battles Will Not Require MoP

That’s it. The feature will go live with the box release date of MoP. It will be available to all players, MoP is not required. Blue post It means if you don’t buy MoP (for some crazy reason) you still … Continue reading

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Twin Suns of Azeroth?

Redflare, while out and about on the beta stumbled upon this odd sight. Has Azeroth always had two suns? Was this just a graphical glitch? Was the moon also rising? She always catches some of the neatest pictures in game. … Continue reading

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Adrinas’ First Pet Battle

Fossilized Hatchling! I choose you!

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