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But Women Aren’t Competitive! :p

So an “article” was floating around that’s since been deleted. Since this is the Internet though, nothing is ever truly deleted. Instead I’ll pull the article that was saved in image form on this tweet: For anybody that missed it: … Continue reading

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Music: Break Your Chart

Since DPS meters are often closely watched at the level cap this seemed appropriate. Hopefully when this goes live I at least have one level 90. :p -FF

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Music: Blame it On the Tanks

Just the title of this one sounds exceptionally familiar. These days though I watch as the tanks blame the group and just drop, which is funny since that means that they just wasted a lot of their time.

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Music: Rolling With Mad Deeps

This is another great take on the “Rolling in the Deep” original by Adele. We posted the first one we found back a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn’t resist another run on this, especially for the first … Continue reading

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5.0.4… The Bars, They Are A-Changin’

Holy crap. This is fantastic. My first stop this patch was my loneliest character: a death knight on Antonidas. Picked up all his mail, got an achievement, and then sat back and slowly watched as my pet count and mount … Continue reading

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Music: Have You Ever Really Tanked a Dungeon

As a tank turned healer I greatly appreciate this one. This is another one from Worldofflikcraft that really needs no further introduction. -FF

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WoWinsider: On Warlock Tanking

Behold! The warlock tank! Okay… maybe not. In this WoWInsider article the warlock WoWinsider columnist gave us a great insight into what is on its way in the beta for warlocks. First off, I’m thrilled to see that voidwalker threat … Continue reading

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