Switch – MK8 – Big Blue Racing

The family that races together… improves together.

TJ is most definitely the strongest MK player in the household these days, but as you can see, I manage to beat him still on occasion.


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Switch: Mario Party Tie?

This was a really strange scenario for us. We were playing around May 16th on this round. Newbie was Rosealina, TJ as Dry Bones, Snow as Shy Guy, and I was Luigi.

And then… this happens.

And with this post I’m also trying something a little more out of the ordinary. If the family is involved in the gaming moment, I plan to cross post it here and on FlameFlash.net. Which site gets it first depends on which one has an open day.


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The Beat Goes On

So as of this post we have an odd transition. As of today, I’ve decided to nuke my massive backlog of videos and catch back up to current day playing. Well, as current day as I can.

Like the family blog over at flameflash.net, I’m going to post new stuff when I have new stuff and try to be faster at editing. If I get a backlog that’s too big, poof, that backlog is going to be deleted (unlike the family stuff which, you know, will have cute pictures.)

I’m leaning toward also including a date on the segments here going forward so it’s even clearer when they were recorded, but we’ll see.


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OW – QP – To the Moon!

And that’s what I was doing to most of my opponents too. Launching them as Junkrat. The first push felt really good. Everybody was together as a team doing their role effectively.


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OW – QP – Havana Blind

So my hard drive was starting to die. It would take another year from this video being created to actually learn that it was dying, but that’s why my character models were taking so long to load sometimes.

I mean, I’m sure some of it was lag like I thought in the session, but I’m also pretty sure a lot of it was that slow decline of the hard drive.


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Overwatch – Arcade – Mystery Heroing at Hollywood

After that last Lucioball we moved on to some Mystery Heroes.

At the start of the second round I was clearly coaching somebody about Ana which is neat. Not sure at this point if that was Nailfury or Snow.


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Overwatch – Arcade – Sydney Lucioball

We roll right into the next Lucioball match for this video with Nailfury and Snow.

This time they wanted me on offense rather than goalie.


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OW – Lucioball Returns – July 2019

July 2019 Lucioball anyone? We started up with Nailfury and Snowprincess all in the same room to try this out so Nailfury would have been ten at the time. Strange to think about.


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Fortnite – July 2019 – Final Showdown Aftermath Failures

This match didn’t conclude very smoothly. I think mostly because you can see the participant count slowly dwindle away as the match continues. People saw the big event so they left. I didn’t feel it was safe to leave because I’d completed a good amount of challenges during the event.

This paint continued for quite some time, so eventually I cut the video to just get to the final results and my sweet sweet xp.

We’d move on to be a larger group doing some Creative scenarios in the video file, but the action there didn’t seem to be worth of another video, so we’ll move on.

But, if you’re looking for some timing of when this actually happened, there’s always the original post.


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Fortnite – July 2019 – The Final Showdown

And here we go with the actual final showdown!


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