OW – Highlight – Retribution Moira

While the recordings didn’t pan out super well from these last OW videos, at least I can count on the game itself exporting strong highlights.

So we’ll just start things off as Moira and flinging an angry ball of hate into a group of Talon soldiers.


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Overwatch Lootboxes!

Time to open some lootboxes with out of sync sound!

Probably recorded on the same night as the last two matches.


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OW – Season 9 on Eichenwalde

This older recording still seems a bit… ‘off’ but we’ll plow on ahead.

At least it’s a fairly quick defense match?

And then on attack we had a Genji and Widowmaker?

Well all right then.

Then the video gets pretty choppy…

Or maybe it was sound dropping out like it does near the end? At least it wasn’t that bad while I was actually playing.


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OW – Season 9 Comp on Route 66

New recording file… same great sound lag. At least the sound isn’t totally missing this time around?

What was amazing about this is that tanks and heals got locked in leaving Swordagent and I to actually go dps!?

After a bit they started switching around and I claimed DVa.

If the previous match set had this many sound issues it’s no wonder past me decided to scrape off all the sound before much later editing. I’m tempted to do the same with this serious, but we’ll see.

I was highly amused when their Rein manages to run an almost dead me off a cliff though.

Other than that? It was hard for me to learn much from this match because it definitely felt like I was watching past me on this one.


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OW – Season 9 Competitive Round 1

Well, with placements out of the way, let’s go forth and see if we can increase our rank a bit more, right?


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OW – Competitive Season 9 – Placement 10

The road to wrapping up the placement matches finishes off here!

Like the last session with the Retribution event, there’s frustratingly no sound.


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Overwatch – Retribution Run

Not sure where the sound is. I must have noticed the sound was bad when I first exported it and nuked it for some reason.

Fortunately, I started things as Moira, so that works.

Due to the lack of sound I went ahead and took some clips rather than playing through the whole thing, seemed better to do it that way.

After playing through it the “legit” way why not try it with the modified ‘anybody can go in’ way?

Now if you can’t tell as the video progresses, this is my first time as Brigitte. Thought what better way to try out the new healer than by going into this PvE mode, right?

She’s awesome.

Still prefer Mercy. But she’s awesome.

I didn’t let this one go too long because there wasn’t any sound. Didn’t seem to be much point to it.


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