Mists Timewalking 2

And the next timewalking strikes!

A different group than last time. Still not overly chatty but we kept a good steady pace and nobody got left behind.

I enjoy these flashes to the past.


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Mists Timewalking 1

Headed in to do some timewalking now!

And first things first, a long load screen and the team blasting to the first boss…

Oh well.

At least the run goes fairly smoothly and quickly otherwise?

I really wish the mac allowed for sound capture without anything extra. Since I’m not talking too much we could at least enjoy the sound effects of Mists.


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Journeying – No Man Sky’s First Foray Conclusion

The final third of my first run into NMS.

There will be move videos, don’t worry. This is a game I like to sit and dedicate time to and record my whole time in it so I can’t record and play it as often as I might otherwise.

Like before, this starts off right where the last one ended since it’s literally a cut at that point in the video.

This one was probably my most straight forward video of NMS yet. It doesn’t need much introduction. It’s time to go finish getting the ship repaired!


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Journeying – No Man’s Sky Continued

This one starts off literally right where the last one left since it was me editing the original video into more bite sized chunks.

I also had to find good places that made sense to cut them, and staring at a rock seemed like a good logical spot to me. :p

The text notifications continue! A nice counter-sound to the laser beam ore mining I suppose.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just shoot the plants rather than gather from them sometimes. Like a noob.

Pauses brought to you by me actually reading the screens too.

And yeah, we’ll close on the noobest mistake of them all: using the resources you were out gathering to recharge yourself.


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Journeying – Into No Man’s Sky

I got No Man’s Sky during the Steam winter sale, so this was recorded around then too but I’m just now getting around to getting it posted so I don’t spam.

I also had to split up the video because ~15 minute chunks felt like the “right” amount of time, especially for a game like this.

So let’s get started!

Tutorial mode! The thing I’m most curious about is how my experience now might compare to somebody who has played the game since launch, so folks, please be sure to help me along and let me know what “back in the day” was like for you. 😉

What’s funny as I’m watching this is already how much of a noob I was. I’ve learned a lot already about this game from my first foray into it. Yet I still consider myself very much a NMS noob.

Please excuse all the texts I was getting. Not sure why, but that’s what those “ding” sounds were in the background.

Yep, I like this game so far. Won’t be returning to Steam any time soon.


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Heroes – Lootboxes!

Since I seem in the mood for opening lootboxes, time to flip over to Heroes and open a few over there too!


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HS Pack Opening

Nothing overly exciting out of this buildup of packs at all.

Perhaps peeking at my collection of cards though will give alarm bells to somebody though for some deck theme suggestions.

Guess we’ll see.

Really wish there was a “I’ve seen all the new cards” option for HS so I didn’t have to flip through everything.


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