OW – Quick Play – Dorado Defense

I started with a harassment as Torb for the fun of it. After dying via a very angry DVa it was time to change. A full change of scenery. I’m never Mei. I had fun as Mei. The banter continues and they mention surprise that I’m on unusual characters.


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OW – QuickPlay – Illios

Oh look, sound is getting out of sync already on this one. :/

I’d probably have muted it due to the sync issues except probably the best part of this match is the banter between all of us.


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OW – Highlight – Death Charge

And here’s the other perspective of Moira keeping my butt alive as I charge in for helping kill.


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OW – POTG – Death By Bastion

Oh look! It’s my transcendence from earlier! Mikey charges in, sets up, and destroys.


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OW – POTG – Radian Sights

We’ll just out Hanzo the Hanzo that tries to go up the wall to get away…


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OW – POTG – Moira Healing Through

Now I’m not really sure what’s going on in this one. I see me as Rein getting healed, and Moira behind me keeping me alive so I can help position everybody for the Junkrat ult, but why did Moira get POTG on this one?

Oh well.


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OW – Highlight – Junkrat The Greeter

Hi, I’m Junkrat, and I’ll stand here at the doors and “greet” everyone as they come in.


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