OW – POTG – Bastion Peekaboo

Everybody needs a good ol’ fashioned Bastion POTG occasionally.


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OW – POTG – Zap Gorilla Patrol

I like this one because it’s so simple, just me charging in and watching things go zap and pop… all ending with me at 29 health.


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OW – Arcade – Rialto Mystery

My Ana held out for a while, my Reaper not so much, and then my Hanzo surprisingly did pretty well until I got ganged up on.

Not a happy close to the mystery hero run, but it was still fun.


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OW – Arcade – Oasis Mystery

It’s always a good sign for me when I start as a healer rather than somebody I’m accustomed to. How it turns out in practice? Well, that’s usually another story.

I think what shocks me the most about this match is that I end up as Widow and actually survive for a while as Widow… and then I did well as Hanzo?!

Well all right then.


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OW – Arcade – Lijiang Mystery Round Two

Not sure why we randomly ended back up at Lijiang Tower, but okay, that works.

This match marks the first time I’ve played as Sombra on a match. I had to add her as a category. :p And I also manage to run off the edge of the map…

This also marks the first time I’ve gotten two POTGs in a row.


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OW – Arcade – Tower Mystery

This match did not start out well for me. First Torb, then Mei.

Finally I ended up as Bastion so I was able to be marginally more useful.

It was oddly a pretty fast match. That works though. This was during the DVa Cola Challenge so fast matches means quick wins and moving on to get the rest of the unlocks.


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OW – Highlight – Double Junkrat Down

Yep, definitely was Total Mayhem or Mystery Heroes. How else did I manage to kill two Junkrats in so quickly?


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