OW – Arcade – All the Hanzos

You know I’m just screwing around when I queue up to play as Hanzo…


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OW – Arcade – Airborne Route #BlameNoodles

We’ll all take to the air, that’ll move the payload for sure! 😉

So this Noodles player we just kept running into during our string of No Limits. Clearly playing their main, so everything at this point becomes Noodles’ fault.


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OW – Arcade – Route Reunion

It’ll be obvious in the first 25 seconds why it’s name the way it is.

So much turret trolling here.


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OW – Arcade – Healer’s Row

Three healers and a tank? What could go wrong?

Or not.

I sat back and enjoyed watching this one, so I don’t really have much to say about it.


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OW – Arcade – Hogs Wild

So who are these funny people we’ve been playing Overwatch with anyway?

Now that I’ve posted a couple of videos I may as well ‘accidentally’ show everyone how far I’ve been working ahead:

That’s right, the video was recorded in early March and edited in mid-June and posted now. I may be just a little bit ahead of the video files I have in stock. 😉

Time for more!

Like going almost full hog wild?

And then we’ll monkey around some.


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OW – Arcade – Fists of Doom

Can you tell what we start this match with?

There was certainly doom, but it was all on our side. :p


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OW – Arcade – McCreed Trace Ball

So the first match, as you can tell, was full of McCrees and laughter. The second match started with a lot of monkey business versus a lot of Tracers. That didn’t end well so we started switching to other heroes… like Wrecking ball!


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