Wakamaru Tires Them Out!

So first our fearless A3 Pets leader takes out two people just from bombs and grenades, and then she rolls in to finish off the team with a tire!
If she wasn’t on fire before, she (and they) were after that!


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Rein Triple Kill

TJ and I again ventured into competitive… and while this awesome triple kill was the play of the game, we also didn’t manage to take the point based on half their team being dead.

We just keep telling ourselves, quite rightly, I think, that it’s not us. Now, if only we could find some more folks to partner with to claw our way back out of the rank we’ve fallen to…


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Redirect: Repping with Leashes – Council of Exarchs

Come one, come all, as we venture to discuss the Council of Exarchs on the latest Repping with Leashes!


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Rein: Hunter of Mercy

That poor Mercy did everything she could to get away from me.

But it wasn’t enough!



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Overwatch Nexus Challenge Opening

Release the loot boxes! This time, we’re venturing into the spoils of Overwatch’s Nexus Challenge.



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Rein Kill Participation

This one felt great because we were on quite the win streak. Earned about 100 SR that night.

I’m just an angry old man swinging a giant hammer.


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Nexus Challenge Heroes Loot

The Nexus challenge is now over. What did you get in your loot boxes?

I was able to catch opening mine on video. Come and join me. Did you do better?


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