No Man’s Sky – Picking Fights

As we start again I manage to get totally turned around and start heading back to an artifact that I’d already activated.


At least I got the copper deposit on the last video I guess.

I like that you can see my friend’s base still on this planet from the last session (not the last video, the last session.)

Hey look, there’s an abandoned building down there… time to get the sentinel killing quests done that I have.

This video clearly confirms sentinels are stupid.



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No Man’s Sky – Exploring Again

With as much as I’m not playing Blizzard games you’d almost think we’re at the end of an expansion or something last August. 😉

Starting back out in space on my freighter, it’s time to get my bearings because it’s been a week or two and then get back out to space. Learned a lot in that last session and it was time to apply it.

Since I’m flying solo again I’m going back to usually editing out interactions with the menus and inventory, just to streamline things. No need to make everybody watch me read things to myself.


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WoW – Alliance PoV – Battle for Lordaeron

It’s strange looking at my druid now that I’ve been playing a paladin for all of BFA. That druid was my main the entire time I played WoW. I went for a human paladin this time around for the rep boosts so I could get Allied races just a wee bit faster.

Going in with me Alliance side is my wife Redflare on her druid, son Superman on his rogue and son Swordagent on his warrior. Oh, and Thunderer cheering ‘For the Alliance!’ in the background.

Oddly this video is about ten minutes less than the Horde version. I guess we do start out right outside so the fighting through the Undercity portion is missing. This one is slightly longer than normal but I couldn’t find a good spot to cut it compared to the Horde version.

It was nice being in this scenario as a group of four yet at the same time, I barely noticed that we were a group of four once things started rolling.


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WoW – Horde PoV – Battle for Lordaeron (Part 2)

Now I’m sure there are other folks out there who have done this, and done it more recently (like right out of the gate) but I knew my natural delay in processing videos would give us enough lead time to help avoid spoilers for people.

So without much further introduction we’ll get on to the second half of the Horde experience!

I should note with amusement that Redflare has not been on her Horde priest since this event I’m pretty sure. Just not much interest in the Horde for her. Oh well, we tried.


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WoW – Horde PoV – Battle for Lordaeron (Part 1)

In a rare adventuring Horde side Redflare pilots her free boost Horde 110 priest while Superman (10) joins us on his free boost 110 shaman.

The other little voice you can hear in the background at the opening was Thunderer yelling “For the Alliance!” (She was 4 at the time).

This was recorded back in August, right as all the BFA fun was starting.

Once the scenario started it took a moment for our connection to handle having three people in there at once it seems, but it eventually stabilized.

The sound here is being recorded on a microphone on my desk because OBS and Mac don’t cooperate with sound recording for some very Mac reason.


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No Man’s Sky – Transporting Elsewhere

This is what I get for going to the bathroom while recording… right after coming out of the transporter I have to clip some time from the video. :p

Only to find out that the quest-giver in question is not on the Gek space station…


Oh well, back to my ship then.

It’s strange watching this shorter segment for me because I’m clearly getting tired, probably should have already gone to bed, but there I go, tootling along.


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No Man’s Sky – Base Inspection

It’s a little funny, I was talking to empty space there for a bit and then when he rejoined on Steam voice there was a weird recording delay so we accidentally talked over each other a little bit. I could still follow the conversation so I left it alone editing wise.

Once he left I blasted off for the space station. Time to sell some cargo!

I think it’s neat that even in space I can see his base.


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