OW – Vs Medium AI – Oasis With SnowPrincess

For our next map, we headed out to Oasis for some more Overwatch practice with Snowprincess.

Yeah, we kind of dominated this one.


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OW – Vs AI – Freeplay Run Temple of Anubis With Snow Princess

Snowprincess’ first official run on the PC version of Overwatch!

She played around a little in the training grounds and now it’s time to fire up versus AI medium.


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Highlight – Breakin It Down

What I appreciate about this one is the fact that while I don’t get any kills, I clearly am preventing our Pharah from dying from missiles to the back while they ulted.


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Highlight – DVa Charge

Looks like Radian was taking to the skies (and probably the POTG) while I charged in as backup on this one.


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Highlight – Junkrat Clearing the Point

We seem to have run out of Vs AI highlights, but that’s okay, we’ll just go clear the point for more footage now.


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Highlight – Shielded Turret

Hey look, that strategy again where Bastion gets shielded and everything dies. 😉


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POTG – Shielded Destruction

While going through these AI I’m also chatting with Snowprincess about strategies I’ve seen when playing in quick play and competitive. We applied one of them here with me as Rein.


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