OW – QP – Numbani Panda Defense

After my Retribution runs it looks like I hopped into some Pandagosa quick plays. The first one we headed off to Numbani to defend it.

Timing wise this is still back late May 2019 (26th) so we don’t have to worry about role queues.

These are always totally worth it just due to the entertaining banter. Why do I say much? Because I’m mostly laughing behind the scenes. Oh, and I should probably mention that language goes quickly from my normal PG to R. :p


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OW – Arcade – Retribution Reprised

Right after going in as Genji here I go as McCree. Really I’m strongest as Moira but I must have been interested in doing some dps or something.

It’s a clear lootbox grind this time around, but I do really enjoy the PvE items which is probably why I’m looking forward to OW2.

If you notice this one is a little off voice acting wise I did speed things up to 1.5 speed unless I said something on mic just so it wouldn’t become monotonous for my dear viewers (haha, like that’s happening.)

I am not an OW sniper. That’s something that is abundantly clear from watching this.

Once the first match ends we might as well roll into another one, right? I very much enjoy Moira more since I can go purple ball bowling through the guys.

The banter, even though I’ve heard it all before, is still super enjoyable. I then manage to get quite the kick out of our McCree getting himself killed around the 12:13 mark. Still not sure how he did it but the kill feed tells me what he did.


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OW – Arcade – Retribution Returns

It is the season of the anniversary event so it looks like I loaded up Overwatch again for some more lootboxes… and get stuck playing Genji.

Oh look, I died in the first room, must be because I’m not good as Genji. :p

So the recording is a little choppy in spots, I think it still works well enough to run with it. I’m entertained enough by the character banter and seeing me fail as Genji.

That run got me the achievement of doing it as every character though, so that was nice.


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PC – Fortnite – Season 8 Recaps

I really appreciate when we play enough that we’re offered these seasonal recap videos so let’s start right in!

FlameFlash95 is Newbie’s account on the PS4.

Then we go to me as FlameFlash82.

UltramentX8 was Superman/Nailfury (I’ll probably refer to him as Nailfury in the future, my younger son. He later changes his Fortnite name to match that anyway.)

Swordagent is the elder son and is the next video.

What’s funny is you can tell who makes this his main game because we all end up joining Nailfury on matches rather as our “best mate”.

Annoyingly, for whatever reason, we don’t have a Nailfury recap video. They must not have offered it to us, but you can kind of infer what his playtime must have been like given he joined all three of us as the main partner or copilot.


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PC – Fortnite – Season 9 Continues

Cutting right from the footage from yesterday we roll into the end of this rumble nearing the end. Then it’s time to look at the tier up items that I earned (after replacing my mouse batteries, hence the fading in and out.)

After that it’s time for another team rumble!

This is met with massive irony around the 4:14 mark if anybody is curious when the action starts picking up slightly.

I muted a couple spots because a phone call came in (that we ignored) but if you’re wondering why there are dead silence spots around the 5:30 mark, that’s why… also probably why I died so fast there. :p

(Yes, I’m going to blame that.)

It’s strange watching this footage because the rumbles these days go to 100 rather than 150. I think I preferred the 150 over the 100 even though that made for longer matches now that I’m watching this over again.

What this tells me though, is that the boom bow is and was my best weapon and I hope it comes back to the game very soon.

The next match was super quick, so we’ll tack it on the end of this one, probably because our last match went from rumble to legendary everything and most of the time was spent running around visiting sky platforms.


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PC – Fortnite – Start of Season 9

We start off with me talking to others in the room (but clipped because the mic wasn’t picking them up) as I decide which battle pass to go with for season 9. Time to look over what season 9 brought in with what is now a blast from the past.

I don’t think the sound is perfectly in sync because I announce ‘I got hit’ after I’m already dead at one point. :p

Watching this footage makes me miss the boom bow.

What’s strange is that this one went to 150 kills. I don’t remember them going to that high of a count usually, so this must be a unique mode or before they lowered the kill amount. Due to the required kill count though I’m going to have to cut it and continue it tomorrow.


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PC – Fortnite – Chitauri Again

Time to jump into the Endgame Fortnite action again! Either I had to restart Fortnite after my last session or my system isn’t fond of the Chitauri special skin they were applying to everyone. Just seems like this recording is a bit janky. Pretty sure the lag was on my end.

The second match the system seems to run smoother but there are oddly some lulls in the action which allow me to now speed up the footage and for us at the time to become demolition crews against the houses. :p


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