OW – Highlight – Payload Mowing

This is a satisfying one since the game proudly announces ‘double-triple kill’ before fading out. Silly Mercy, trying to rez in the middle of everything.


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OW – Highlight – Reviving the Bastion

Oh, you thought you took down our Bastion? Think again!


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OW – Highlight – Taking Them Down

I’ll just walk on in as DVa during what is probably a mystery heroes match and take a couple people down, don’t mind me.


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OW – Comp – Temple Raided

This didn’t start well because somebody didn’t choose for a while, but once they did I was able to flip to dps from tank, so that works I suppose.

Have no idea what what our DVa player was saying at all, but this was not a smooth excursion. Watching this playthrough again and I’m noticing that the DVa at times was just standing in place, not even trying.

Here’s another match where I flipped between all three roles, can’t do that anymore. This was recorded back in March though.

With as quick as the match was, I was able to then do a couple of loot boxes at the end of the video.


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OW – Comp – Rialto Raiders

So this is a weird one because when we start out the Rein takes full charge of things (hehe, charge).

The ‘stay behind the payload’ when Rein’s shield is down is something I do naturally but don’t often think about like this guy does.

This guy starts getting more tense when things get down to the wire. We make it though, and go on to the next round.

This is something I’m going to miss once I start playing more comp again: can’t switch from roles. If I’d queued as tank that would have been it. The defense piece I went Ana with confidence thanks to the previous night/match I’d had with Ana.


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OW – Comp – Dorado Calls

So after our last game of comp, this one is sure feeling good. Not a lot for me to say as I listen to our team’s chatter.

Watching this does highlight to me how much of a Mercy main I really am though.

Flipping to Ana for defense was really out of character for me.

This one, due to the match length, is five minutes longer than usual, not much I can do about it without some unique editing. It’s a good match, so I left it alone this time.


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OW – Comp – Blizz Defense

What’s pretty cool right at the start is that we run into the same guy as we had on team last match, so naturally we tease him a bit before things start.

I usually clip out the opening banter but this guy was too funny to edit out.

As I say at the end, this guy ‘sure didn’t hold back.’


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