Fortnite – Cube Explosion Event

Playing with Newbie, Superman, and TJ/Swordagent we ventured into Fortnite to see this one time in-game event.

Recorded with the PS4, we caught everything from Newbie’s perspective.

Quite a neat thing to share together.


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OW – Highlight – Genji Slasher

It’s extremely rare to manage to get a kill as Genji for yours truly, so I’m definitely saving this one.


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OW – Lootboxes Post Arcade

Well, after those matches in arcade it looks like I have about five loot boxes to open. Time to see what they hold!


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OW – Volskyia Arcade

I have no idea about Reaper’s transporter capabilities.

Or his aiming capabilities. :p

Otherwise it’s a good match to sit back and watch without me writing anything about it.


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OW – Route 66 Mystery Heroes

This was back in June by the way, hence the changes to Symmetra weren’t live yet. And Mystery Heroes.

I got a chuckle out of me being glad to have died as Genji, just to get a new character.

Was playing with Swordagent, though you can’t hear him.

I think this came after a stint of not playing, hence my confusion on a couple of items.

A good warmup arcade match.


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OW – Highlight – Stunning Entrance

This highlight well, highlights two things. One, I clearly don’t play McCree very often and two, I can’t hit a broad side of a barn. :p


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OW – Highlight – Bowling for Baddies

Oh, you think you’re going to drop in and ambush us huh?

Think again.


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