Super Mario Multiverse – An Anniversary of All-Stars

With as old as Mario is, and the video game industry being what it is, of course Super Mario All-Stars would get a “limited edition/25th Anniversary Edition” for the Wii when the timing was just right.

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Super Mario Multiverse – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

After Blogger Blitz with Adventure Rules I’m surprised to be finding myself in another collab project, but a Mario appreciation project? How can I refuse an opportunity like that?

As my collab with Ian, it all started with a tweet.


When I got to the spreadsheet list of all the games there were 159 Mario related games on the list, and being a gamer since the arcade era it was really hard for me to choose a single game. I decided to go with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because, well, the Mario Kart franchise has always been a favorite Mario franchise of mine.

It’s also one I fully remember all the way through and have played and ‘beaten’ every one.

So how do we best offer an appreciation post rather than a review post? Honestly, that’s a challenge because any time you talk about a game there’s generally an aspect of ‘review’.

I decided the best way would be to go back to twitter and look at everything I’ve already said about Mario Kart 8.

I’ve been tweeting about this game, on and off, since 2017 when I must have gotten it for Christmas. The other thing that will probably be obvious when you scroll through those search results is that I love Luigi. :p

Four player split screen options with my family, single player options when I want to zen out and race… even online options for when I want to take on the world. I know I’m slinking into review territory by saying it, but it’s really hard to find a series that provides so much wholesome entertainment than the Mario franchise, and the Mario Kart legacy magnifies it 200cc fold.

Mario Kart is one of those timeless games. A companion game. You can draw real world moods straight from it.

Sometimes a day comes at you as hard as a red shell followed up by a blue spiky one:


Other times you find bad events in life actually save you from possibly worse things.


And then finally, sometimes you just manage to eek by, regardless of what life throws at you:


What does Mario Kart 8 mean for me? It’s a safe place, a safe game, that no matter what happens in life, even when it puts you in last place, you’ll eventually cross the finish line.

When life is throwing blue spiky shells and sending you off rainbow road? Well, at least there’s a lakitu to fish us out or point us back in the right direction.

And thanks to it being on the Nintendo Switch? You can always have a kart in the storm at your side, no matter where you are.

I’ve appreciated the full legacy of Mario Kart, but MK8D is presently the current iteration, and the latest version is what I and my family typically venture out with. (It’s also what my wife typically beats me on.)

So like Mario Kart, hopefully we continue to learn and grow from our past to make a brighter future.

See you at the races!


Wahoo! You are a Super Reader! But the adventure doesn’t stop here… There’s more of this project in another castle! This article is just one level in an entire Super Mario Multiverse, a galactic collaboration between writers around the world sharing a bit of our hearts and memories about our favorite Mario games. Visit the Center of the Multiverse to see more:

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OW – Highlight – Cheap Kills

Yeah, I feel dirty about this one. The poor Zarya player was clearly having a connection issue… either that, or really didn’t want to be Zarya.


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OW – Highlight – Soldier Denied

Sorry Solder 76, not today.


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OW – Arcade – Solo Mysteries Deepening

The curse of making sure videos are always around the 15 minute mark is that sometimes we catch the tail end of games when I marathon string them together like this.

I’m perfectly happy with leaving a video on a cliffhanger, but what about everyone else?

I find it odd actually that I’m hanging out in OW by myself in these games. This would have been back in early June. I guess since I didn’t have to get the kids up I was screwing around with Overwatch.

And then it looks like we wrap up the night around the 10 minute mark opening lootboxes. I even open a legendary box!


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OW – Arcade – Hitting Mystery Heroes Running

Flowing right from last time we’re holding the point on Junkertown before the first objective point. Time to see if we manage to keep doing so.

I’m highly amused at how many characters show up on my list when playing mystery heroes.


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OW – Arcade – Storming Rise Mystery

I got stuck as Genji and some glitching on loading this time. Not sure if it’s the recording that glitched or the actual gameplay though as I seem to be doing ‘okay’ as Genji. Things are better once I’m able to be Mercy on the next round.

Because I’m still in Arcade after the first two rounds we may as well flow right into the Junkertown Mystery heroes too with a few of the minutes left until 15. We’ll continue it next time.


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