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OW – Arcade – Healer’s Row

Three healers and a tank? What could go wrong? Or not. I sat back and enjoyed watching this one, so I don’t really have much to say about it. -FF Advertisements

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OW – No Limits – Reins and McCrees

The joys of no limits and the other arcade modes is the lack of stress. We’re playing to play the game. That’s it. It also means everybody can just be silly in voice chat. Hey look, now we’re into March … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Attacking the Oasis

This one seemed a bit… incoherent too. Oh well. -FF

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OW – Arcade – Nepal Mystery Time

So this one starts out rougher because, well, I’m Tracer. :p The next two? I’m glad I got healers. The first point was rough but close. I think we probably did our best. What was worse was that at the … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Rezzed Hog

So they’re going to kill my tank but not notice me? Time to rez him and then damage boost him then! -FF

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OW – QP – Bastet Skin Unlock

The first thing that shocked me was that I got to be DPS!? Well, with the map being what it is, I’ll go Bastion then. Let’s get that last win and unlock Bastet! At least the matches were fairly quick? … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Bastet Skin Quest

On my path to finish unlocking the event Bastet skin my recording this January 2019 starts with me filling for a game as Symmetra. I had to do some mean things to the audio on this file because we were … Continue reading

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