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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Arakkoa Outcasts

Here’s the link to the article! -FF

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Snowfeather Falcosaur Adventures (Redirect)

Stop on by the A3 blog! Repping with Leashes – Falcosaur Adventures (Snowfeather) -FF

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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Oracles

Go forth and enjoy! I wrote this for Azeroth Adoption Agency. 🙂 Repping with Leashes – The Oracles -FF

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New Recruit A Friend Mount: Cindermane Charger

Certainly looks neat. Something I’d like to grab the next time WoW is on sale, that’s for sure. -FF

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Iron Skyreaver Sale

Here’s just a friendly reminder that the Iron Skyreaver is currently on sale. He’s a “newer”, awesome mount that would fit quite well with the Iron Horde come WoD’s launch. -FF

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Warforged Nightmare

So I heard on twitter that this new mount was $30. My initial thought was, “Um, nope! Blizzard, you’re not screwing me out of an extra $5, you’ve set a standard so why are you trying to raise the price?” … Continue reading

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Cloud Serpent Riding for All!

Wowinsider has posted a tweet that they caught, indicating that come Draenor you don’t have to earn cloud serpent riding anymore. Pretty awesome. My one concern with such an action is that will make a lot of Panda content moot come … Continue reading

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