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Music: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem WoW Style

Not an original parody, but it is a good machinima and with Halloween tomorrow and everyone hopefully enjoying both the male panda dance and Hallow’s End this seemed like an appropriate time to schedule this one.

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Vanilla Raiders: Now With More Pets

Wowinsider beat me to this one, along with wowhead’s great list of all the pets. So what do we actually get? How about Mr. Bigglesworth! Yep, my pet battle team will be led by the dark lich’s favorite little friend. … Continue reading

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Music: Bad Raid

I’m sure some of you by now are raiding in Mists so it seemed appropriate to give everyone this great number by Darkpippi. And good luck! -FF

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Yak on a Cloud?

<insert another bad joke here>

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WoW Megablocks Commercial

So we knew about the megablocks themselves. Now we have their first Christmas-ready commercial for them. If you haven’t seen these things in stores yet, Target seems to carry them while Walmart does not… at least in my area. Your … Continue reading

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The Voices… the Voices are Everywhere (in PvP)

5.1 is bringing some new stuff. A lot of it is still in the works and I doubt has been finalized. One of the incoming changes is a quality of life tweak for PvPers of Battlegrounds and Arenas alike: voice … Continue reading

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Music: Meow

In honor of feral druids everywhere. Especially now that the specs are split. So fellow druids out there, which way did you choose to go? Or do you love cat so much that you actually have two feral specs? -FF

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Fire Kitty on it’s Way!

And why should we care? Because it’s freakin’ adorable! I’ll probably not get it for the kids’ account until Christmas but I doubt with my love of pet battles I’ll be able to resist this one. -FF

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Pet Battling: Don’t Miss Your “Free” Pets

As I was listening to the instance podcast one of the end bumpers pointed out that if I visited my pet battle trainers or different races I would find different pets.

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Music: If You Gank Me Again

While not as epic as “Don’t Make Me Get My Main” from last week, this is still a fun run. I still see no appeal to PvP servers. -FF

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