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OW – Season (9) Warmup Quick Play

I’m pretty sure we don’t manage to get all the way through season 9. Not an overly exciting match but I feel like I brought the proper amount of chaos as Junkrat to the field. Sound started to get out … Continue reading

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OW – Quick Play – Temple Defense

“Freakin’ scattershot” was the phrase of the night, that’s for sure. Otherwise, like the last match, the banter slowed down pretty heavily and one of them got a little extra salty. Some good plays by the other guys. 😉 -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Anubis Attack

The group banter is clearly slowing down as the night wears on. Somebody points out that it’s getting late so this is the last OW run of this batch. I’m glad the sound eventually started working again properly. The highlight … Continue reading

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OW – Quick Play – Hollywood Attack

We took that first point really quickly. I guess it helps to have a tank eh? I basically tried out every tank except DVa on that one. -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Hollywood Defense

It’s a fairly simple first point defense situation that well, devolved due to the strong playing of their Genji. We took a really long time to group up enough for me to pop transcendence. -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Dorado Defense

I started with a harassment as Torb for the fun of it. After dying via a very angry DVa it was time to change. A full change of scenery. I’m never Mei. I had fun as Mei. The banter continues … Continue reading

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OW – QuickPlay – Illios

Oh look, sound is getting out of sync already on this one. I’d probably have muted it due to the sync issues except probably the best part of this match is the banter between all of us. -FF

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