Enter the Launcher: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft takes the launcher that Starcraft and Diablo uses and adds a bit of extra information.

To the right of the “play” button, for instance, we find out how much time we have left on our WoW subscription! Always useful. It also gives you a quick and easy link to add more time… how convenient. 😉

Now something I hadn’t mentioned until now are the “redeem a code” buttons because I’m not familiar with all that many D3 or SCII codes from the outside.

This is where you could tack on your WoW pet store purchase from a friend and maybe even toss in the Hearthstone beta key. I’ve seen a few friends logged in and playing so we get that same column alerting us to the fact that they were online.

Very cool.

I think this change was one for the better and I’m very glad I don’t even have to actually log in anymore.

A little sad about that too though because that means whatever the new expansion is for WoW, there won’t be a login screen associated with it most likely.


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