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OW – POTG – Death Dings

Just listen to the glorious sounds of all my turrets poking people to death along with Torb and then wrapping things up by putting up the wall. You, shall not, pass. -FF

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OW – QP – Bastet Skin Unlock

The first thing that shocked me was that I got to be DPS!? Well, with the map being what it is, I’ll go Bastion then. Let’s get that last win and unlock Bastet! At least the matches were fairly quick? … Continue reading

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OW – QP – Bastet Skin Quest

On my path to finish unlocking the event Bastet skin my recording this January 2019 starts with me filling for a game as Symmetra. I had to do some mean things to the audio on this file because we were … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Turret Distractions

Not sure why the Sombra was shooting my turret instead of me, but it works. Meanwhile, there was clearly a Pharah that intended to harass us that suddenly couldn’t. Works for me. -FF

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OW – Arcade – Lagging Heroes

Don’t mind me, just having loading issues quite clearly at the start of this match. My teammates probably thought I was some drunk running around at first. Our Internet had just recently been upgraded at this point I think, so … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Mystery Mayhem

After getting our butts kicked in Lucioball perhaps let’s have the team that was stomping us splat some others and go to Mystery heroes. To get stomped. Oh well. At least that leaves time for the next match in this … Continue reading

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OW – Mystery Heroes Warmup

My system was clearly suffering from both some lag and… well, loading issues. I was pondering not even keeping this footage but some of the deaths and kills are amusing, especially as I move through molasses. Sound issues so far … Continue reading

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