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WoW – Fel’s Jailbreak Tour

Starting in right where the last one left off, we’re on our way into the sewers. So whereas the first half of this was mostly just Fel running around after the RP this at least has him in all his … Continue reading

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WoW – Following Fel to the Heart

I think I’d originally intended to stream/record leveling my warlock Fel. I mean, he’s not yet 120 so I probably still could I suppose. Say what you will for BFA, while it’s not super amazing game system wise I’ve really … Continue reading

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WoW Wrath Druid TimeWalking 1

A return to Wrath for some timewalking and healing. Ah, the good old days… Wait, stop standing in the goo! -FF

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Mourning of Varian

First off, we’re a ways since Legion launched, so I feel like the statute of spoilers is up by now for this one. :p We have always been Alliance players first, Horde sometimes. Varian’s death was shocking, upsetting, and a little … Continue reading

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Attacking the Broken Shore – Alliance

My boys wanted to both record their experiences on the broken shore, so I went ahead and let them. No need to record my own if both sons are eager to record theirs. Special note, TJ, playing Wolfcrawler is a … Continue reading

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Alliance Broken Shore Cinematic

Yesterday brought you the “Horde side” (thank you Instance reference). Today brought you Alliance side. Thank you to MMOChampion for saving these out. -FF

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Horde Broken Shore Cinematic

So you’re here, you’ve been avoiding the spoilers, and now Legion has launched. What about the Horde Broken Shore cinematic? Well, you could have stuck it out with me for the full thing and caught it today, or you can … Continue reading

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