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OW – Highlight – Brig Turret Denial

You think you can put these turrets down? Think again. -FF Advertisements

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OW – POTG – Death Dings

Just listen to the glorious sounds of all my turrets poking people to death along with Torb and then wrapping things up by putting up the wall. You, shall not, pass. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Cooking Noodles

So long again Noodles. Going to cook you over this molten core. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Noodles Served

If you’ve watched the previous clips you know how satisfying this particular highlight really was. -FF

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OW – Highlight – Payload Pounce

It’s strange leading the charge as Winston, but it’s effective. -FF

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Bonus: OW Lootbox Opening

From all of these matches we got a good chunk of XP. Enough, thanks to Lucios Cereal especially, that I thought I’d go and open up six so I’d be back down to 50. Obviously I’ve hung on to a … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Shields Up On the Moon & Bastion Invasions

Watching this one, because there was a bathroom break (clipped out) and noticed we really need a ‘ready’ button when in group, just to let everyone know so the group leader can start searching again. Yes, there’s mention of snow … Continue reading

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