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Mourning of Varian

First off, we’re a ways since Legion launched, so I feel like the statute of spoilers is up by now for this one. :p We have always been Alliance players first, Horde sometimes. Varian’s death was shocking, upsetting, and a little … Continue reading

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“Priceless Family Heirlooms”

I recovered “priceless family heirlooms” for Oren Windstrider. He gave me 17 gold. Let me be clear. I put myself in mortal danger to retrieve his items, was attacked by spiders, and was dropped over a cliff head first, all … Continue reading

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“What a Wonderful World”

Anybody else get this song stuck in their heads as they Dreamwalk to the Druid order hall? Or maybe it’s just me. -FF

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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Oracles

Go forth and enjoy! I wrote this for Azeroth Adoption Agency. 🙂 Repping with Leashes – The Oracles -FF

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