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Warcraft Legion Opening Cinematic

Describe my reaction in one word? Epic. I was on the edge of my seat for a part, yelling ‘no’ at the screen. It certainly does its job to excite me for the expansion to come. -FF

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Hearthstone: League of Explores Cinematic

This is the first adventure expansion I’ve actually been super interested in. I only have the first wing of Naxx because that was given for free… this one? This one I may go ahead and purchase. -FF

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Starcraft Covert Ops DLC Trailer

I’ve loved the story so far in SCII. It’s why I play SCII. The fact that the story isn’t ending with Legacy of the Void is awesome. Now… to wait to see what pricing is like. -FF

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Warcraft Movie Trailer

I have greatly appreciated this trailer and it makes me very much look forward to the movie. I’m sure they’ve modified the lore a bit for this movie, but I really don’t care. It looks awesome. -FF

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