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Tracer Tapping Rampage

So what do we have here? Tracer doing Tracer things and killing Mercy? Check. But listen closely to near the end. TheBigMikey’s brother, playing Zen, shared a fun fact about discord orbs letting the Zen player wall watch their target. … Continue reading

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Rein and Ana Have a Fling

Well, technically Reinhardt flings Ana but can’t have a decent clickbait title if I say it that way. :p Oh, and Swordagent survives the DVa explosion at the end too. She doesn’t get anybody. -FF

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Beware the Invisible Symmetra

Reinhardt certainly was. Finished her off before going on a rampage! Well done, my son, Swordagent. Well done. -FF

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Overwatch Spectator Mode

I haven’t heard much discussion about the spectator mode in Overwatch custom games, but if you want a successful eSports spectator, this is the way to do it. I’m just one player, but think if you had a spectator riding … Continue reading

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Redirect: Repping With Leashes: Arakkoa Outcasts

Here’s the link to the article! -FF

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DVa Destruction

Sorry Pharah, didn’t realize you were out for a stroll. Why the crap weren’t you flying anyway? You blocked my shot of Roadhog! -FF

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