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Base Factions of the Argent Tournament (Redirect)

My first article at Reading With Leashes just went up! So this is more of a redirect to the article: Base Factions of the Argent Tournament I’m looking forward to continuing to post with them. Also, if you’re not a part … Continue reading

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Another Follow/RT Twitter Contest!

Yes, that’s right, we’re doing one more! Arr ye ready for another contest? No pirate (contest accounts). Check picture for details. RT/follow me & @A3pets! pic.twitter.com/oM4uKTP6pk — FlameFlash (@flameflash) March 26, 2016 Time to roll the dice. -FF

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But Women Aren’t Competitive! :p

So an “article” was floating around that’s since been deleted. Since this is the Internet though, nothing is ever truly deleted. Instead I’ll pull the article that was saved in image form on this tweet: For anybody that missed it: … Continue reading

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How You Would Die In WoW? (Also Won a Contest)

It’s just a silly chart, though some of the results can certainly be awkward. So how did I find this? Well, I was following to win a TCG sand scarab… and actually won! -FF

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Wowed Daily Tracker

This is quite awesome actually. Here, have a quick and easy way, thanks to your fellow community members, to know exactly what is in the garrisons (or available given I seem to get Marudin at a very high rate). Go … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft hits 10 Million

Blizzard released a press release that as of 11/19/14 WoW hit 10 million players… again. Congratulations to Blizzard! Epic, happy news. -FF

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Warlords: The Age of Iron

The family guild, Frozen Rain, has stormed the red dark portal. It was an epic opening quest line that I look forward to doing on all my level 90s. I look forward to leveling other characters so that I can … Continue reading

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