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HS – Costume Arena 1 – Round 2 and Final Spoils

It was a quick second round and an even faster third. So fast that I don’t seem to have kept the third round, so I’ll offer both the spoils gained and the second round smashing in the same post. May … Continue reading

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HS – Costume Arena 1 Round 1

Yes, I’m still uploading stuff from around Halloween and Blizzcon. When I only post one video a day and I go through spurts of uploading, of course I’m going to fall behind day wise. Especially holiday event day wise. The … Continue reading

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Warlock WeakAuras Strings

So I had a hard time finding somebody who put one of these out. I found some, but they just didn’t “do it” for me. So here I am again, making another WeakAuras similar to my Feral Druid. First off, … Continue reading

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The Leveled Five

I’m going to point out now that none of these characters were boosted to 90 as of WoD. They  have all journeyed with me and my family from 1 to 100.

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Warlock PSA: Go Read WowInsider

Seriously. Just go do it.

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WoWinsider: On Warlock Tanking

Behold! The warlock tank! Okay… maybe not. In this WoWInsider article the warlock WoWinsider columnist gave us a great insight into what is on its way in the beta for warlocks. First off, I’m thrilled to see that voidwalker threat … Continue reading

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Music: The Story 2 – Fix You

This is a fairly emotional month for me always. As mentioned on the main site, my first son’s birthday was last Friday. I lost my father on Father’s Day… I moved away from my girlfriend (though she is now my … Continue reading

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