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Follow/RT Contest on Twitter!

I’ll just leave this here for folks to find. Ends 3/12/16.   Follow me & @A3pets plus RT for a chance to win a store pet! Drawing date in picture. It'll be that evening. pic.twitter.com/y1W4Cv52ri — FlameFlash (@flameflash) February 27, … Continue reading

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All Hail Brightpaw…

…our new cuteness overlord. I mean, just look at him! Definitely a battle pet I look forward to leveling up. Grabbing him even created a donation to Make A Wish so there’s just warm fuzziness all over the place. -FF

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Heroes Retail Box Contents

I was highly impressed after opening my retail copy of Heroes how the presentation packaging was performed. Every code has its own card, so as they advertised, you can use and give away as desired. What’s really neat in this … Continue reading

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Heroes of the Storm Retail Release

In the retail release, for $20, you get codes. Here’s Blizzard’s official announcement. Five heroes, a skin for one of the heroes, and a mount. Let’s do a quick price check. Zagara: $8.49 Sonya: $6.49 Li Li: $3.99 Jaina: $9.99 … Continue reading

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WoW Token Details Released

The WoW Token becomes available today so it seemed appropriate to share the information on how it works. In my opinion, 30k is a good starting point, but it’s not a point that I will buy gold for $20. I’ll … Continue reading

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Heroes Costs Too Much

I know, I know, it’s still the beta. There’s still time. This is crazy though. Founder’s Pack: $40 $40 and you’re in the beta, you have three heroes and three skins, 2.5k in game currency and a special mount. Let’s … Continue reading

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Iron Skyreaver Sale

Here’s just a friendly reminder that the Iron Skyreaver is currently on sale. He’s a “newer”, awesome mount that would fit quite well with the Iron Horde come WoD’s launch. -FF

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Warforged Nightmare

So I heard on twitter that this new mount was $30. My initial thought was, “Um, nope! Blizzard, you’re not screwing me out of an extra $5, you’ve set a standard so why are you trying to raise the price?” … Continue reading

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And the Preorder Itself

Clearly I restarted writing on the blog at just the right time. Yesterday we had the cinematic advertising the boost service… and now we get it! Along with the preorders! So what else do you get with your boost?

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WoD Preorder 90 Announcement Trailer

Blizzard is really outdoing themselves now. Just sit back and enjoy it, don’t nitpick it. (So why would a lvl 61 be in Tanaris?)

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