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Beware the Demise of Theramore

Straight from blizzard and a blue post:

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Character History Curious? Has You Covered

Found this great site: on twitter thanks to one of the WoWInsider columnists. The link here will take you directly to their character search functionality and let you take a little walk down memory lane. Seems I started around November … Continue reading

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5.0.4… The Bars, They Are A-Changin’

Holy crap. This is fantastic. My first stop this patch was my loneliest character: a death knight on Antonidas. Picked up all his mail, got an achievement, and then sat back and slowly watched as my pet count and mount … Continue reading

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Music: Have You Ever Really Tanked a Dungeon

As a tank turned healer I greatly appreciate this one. This is another one from Worldofflikcraft that really needs no further introduction. -FF

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Blizzard’s 5.0.4 Video Guide

For your enjoyment. This is a fantastic summary done by Blizzard of everything changing tomorrow. A very quick overview that makes me wonder if Redflare and I should now merge accounts. I’d get her PvP achievements and some mounts/pets from … Continue reading

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Remote Auction House/Guild Chat Now Free

Blizzard just announced that the mobile armory app for Android and iOS is now free. All features are now free, that is. This is awesome. The app seems to be running pretty slowly at the moment… hmm… wonder why… but … Continue reading

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WoW On Sale! (Again)

Go forth and check out the blizzard store. Now is the time to grab another copy to get yourself that Obsidian Nightwing mount… or grab a copy for yourself to finally join in on all the fun prior to Mists … Continue reading

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