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Music: Mahna Mahna

I’ve heard this  before, but I couldn’t find it anywhere… so I cheated and pulled it off The Instance podcast episode 276.

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WoWInsider’s 5 Hidden Hangouts in Mists

Continuing their great study of the areas found within Mists the WoWInsider crew presents us with the 5 hidden hangouts. Her descriptions of the areas and how to get there help make you feel like you’re actually there with her … Continue reading

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Wowinsider: Women of DC

If you wanted a human female that looked like Wonder Woman in World of Warcraft, now’s your chance! Like their other hero look-a-like transmog post they have to take some liberties. These are ladies that you usually can’t take liberties … Continue reading

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No More Daily Quest Cap

Just take a look at this first, and then we’ll consider the ramifications of it. Current plan is to remove the daily quest cap completely for ship. Just like what you see in the beta now. We literally have 100’s … Continue reading

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Druid Meme 2: On a Dreadsteed

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WowHead: Potential Mists Login Screen Revealed

Courtesy of wowhead. This makes me think we’re getting very close. Better go out there and get my achievements that I haven’t gotten yet! There are two versions out there right now, the first one seems like it’s the better, … Continue reading

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Pandaran Dragon Mount

On your marks… get set…

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