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OW – Panda Many Man Apocalypse

I’m not quite sure how the match transitioned into having so many Roadhogs running around, but here we are anyway. This is rolling right from the action of the last file so after everybody comments on the Roadhogs suddenly I … Continue reading

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OW – Arcade – Mystery of Rialto

Ah, the chaos of mystery heroes mixed with the joys of that first bottleneck on Rialto. At least the pain is over quickly. -FF

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OW – Comp – Looting King’s Row

“I think I still have some Christmas lootboxes…” Yep, that was me, in March. Want to know why I have so many lootboxes? Just hang out here at the beginning and I explain it. Then we head off to competitive … Continue reading

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OW – POTG – Brig Goes Bashing

And now we get to our deathmatch where I walk away with the POTG. 60-something percent kill participation? I’m very happy about that. -FF

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OW – Mystery Numbani and a Deathmatch

We’re off to go harass the enemy mystery team! Then they turned around and returned the favor. I like how you can tell how well my RNG luck is by looking at how many characters I end up tagging on … Continue reading

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OW – Highlight – Brig Turret Denial

You think you can put these turrets down? Think again. -FF

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OW – Arcade – Shields Up On the Moon & Bastion Invasions

Watching this one, because there was a bathroom break (clipped out) and noticed we really need a ‘ready’ button when in group, just to let everyone know so the group leader can start searching again. Yes, there’s mention of snow … Continue reading

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