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OW – QP – Moira on Route 66

Time to try out Moira for my first time in quick play. I’m still not sure why when playing OW my own mic isn’t picked up well when it’s picked up well elsewhere. I’d assume it’s OBS on my Mac … Continue reading

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Mourning of Varian

First off, we’re a ways since Legion launched, so I feel like the statute of spoilers is up by now for this one. :p We have always been Alliance players first, Horde sometimes. Varian’s death was shocking, upsetting, and a little … Continue reading

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“Priceless Family Heirlooms”

I recovered “priceless family heirlooms” for Oren Windstrider. He gave me 17 gold. Let me be clear. I put myself in mortal danger to retrieve his items, was attacked by spiders, and was dropped over a cliff head first, all … Continue reading

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Boosting With Gold?

So this series of tweets inspired me to write: With all the gold millionaires. What if. ..Boost to level 110 for 500,000 gold. …Do you take it or not. Discuss — Marathal (@Marathal_2_0) April 18, 2016 @flameflash @Kaiaphin once you … Continue reading

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