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OW – Quick Play – King’s Row Attack

Don’t mind us, we’ll just storm the payload really quickly and then ride it to the checkpoint. It’s all good. Had to do quite a bit of editing of real names. I’m glad they referred to TJ as his blog … Continue reading

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OW – Scratch the Healers

The healers are on the way!     Or not. -FF

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Redirect: Repping with Leashes – Court of Farondis

A new Repping with Leashes is out in the wild created by yours truly. Come on by! -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Junkrat Mayhem

Just couldn’t seem to land a tire during this one. I guess that’s what I get for usually playing tank or heal at this point. Getting a triple kill near the end was satisfying. -FF

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HS – Tavern Brawl Round 2

Still not sure what brawl this was, but let’s go again! It really is annoying though sometimes how RNG based this game is. Like I bet my opponent had a great deck, yet here I go, controlling the board because … Continue reading

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HS – Tavern Brawl

Not ever sure at this point what tavern brawl it was. :p Looks like I was hiding in the dining room with my phone to play this match. I certainly wasn’t talkative on this one. :p -FF

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OW – Quick Play – Numbani Defense

Not sure what’s up again with the camera, but I continue to blame Otherwise, I’m amused by this round, mostly by the Rein voiceline spam. -FF

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