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Transmog Helms Come to the Store

Cool. Now, take another look…

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Pet Store Expands! Transmog and On-Use Items

Over on the official WoW site you can see them or if you want to see them in action MMOChampion posted a video that I’m shamelessly linking here too (after the break).

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Heirloom Up With Darkmoon Faire: Buying Heirlooms

It seems like almost every month I give the darkmoon faire a pondering. It’s funny because before the island I didn’t give the faire a second thought. It just popped up either near Stormwind or Thunderbluff and I shrugged and … Continue reading

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Datamining 100% XP Buff

An elixer that allows you to boost your XP gains by 100%? Seems that Blizzard is currently researching micro-transactions as shown by the latest round of data-mining on 5.4. My opinion? Make this a sign-up thing, Blizz. Give a RAF … Continue reading

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