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Patch 6.1 Hits Feb 24

Are you prepared? I’m probably most looking forward to the pet battle free level 25 that isn’t mentioned here and working toward gaining the legendary follower. It will be interesting to see what all my blood elves look like with … Continue reading

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Music: Pandaria

Celebrate the return of Ninja Raiders‘ Ember Isolte! It’s a little long, but her talent can’t be questioned. As 5.4 approaches and the end of Pandaria comes this is an appropriate homage to the expansion. Now, to go… wait, is that … Continue reading

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Music: Moves

Wowinsider directed me to this one and I can’t get over it. Let’s think about this for a moment. The artist who created this states on the comments that it took him approximately a year to create it. He taps … Continue reading

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Music: Blood Elf Druid

From the talented singer who brought us “there’s a zombie on my lawn” comes “Blood Elf Druid”. It’s a fun song that encourages RP and consideration of WoW lore. Her voice, by the way, is also featured in game by … Continue reading

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Races for All!

Blizzard has announced that as of patch 5.0.4 (and then Mists itself) you will be able to play as any race in the game regardless of the expansion you own. Now that doesn’t mean you can level all the way … Continue reading

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Music: I Kissed An Orc… And I Liked It

This is just a fun song and movie all around… and makes me want to go track down some Mulgore Chapstick. 😉 -FF

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Female Pandaren Hair Highlights

These look great! My only criticism and hope is that pretty soon you’ll be able to pick your own color match-ups (or lack thereof). Wowhead has all the great screenshots of the combinations so I don’t want to steal their … Continue reading

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