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Attacking the Broken Shore – Alliance

My boys wanted to both record their experiences on the broken shore, so I went ahead and let them. No need to record my own if both sons are eager to record theirs. Special note, TJ, playing Wolfcrawler is a … Continue reading

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Transmogrifying for Legion

This weekend it was time to finally start transmogrifying using the new tools of the 7.0 patch. Blue Recluse podcast (great guys, if you listen to podcasts I recommend adding them to your list for everything Blizzard) asked a while ago … Continue reading

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How to Play Your Shipyard

This tongue and cheek take on the shipyard was highly appreciated so I thought I should share it. After dispatching my first ships I haven’t gone back to see if they were destroyed yet. Honestly it’s been something to cause … Continue reading

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6.2 Trailer: Fury of Hellfire

Are you prepared? All I need right now is to explore Frostfire and then gather my reputations to fly. My item level is ready to step right into the citadel and heal in looking for raid. -FF

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Tanaan Reputation Guides

So now that we’ve despaired regarding the means of gaining flight let’s take a look at the reputations we’ll be banging our heads into the keyboard for. Wowhead has some guides up and running for the reputations.

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Returning to the Air (Blizzard Further Fractures Community)

Blizzard has now announced we will be returning to the air! Here’s the rub: It requires the meta-achievement “Draenor Pathfinder“. So what’s required for this meta? exploring Draenor’s zones collecting 100 treasures in Draenor completing the Draenor Loremaster achievement completing the … Continue reading

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WoW Token Details Released

The WoW Token becomes available today so it seemed appropriate to share the information on how it works. In my opinion, 30k is a good starting point, but it’s not a point that I will buy gold for $20. I’ll … Continue reading

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Patch 6.1 Hits Feb 24

Are you prepared? I’m probably most looking forward to the pet battle free level 25 that isn’t mentioned here and working toward gaining the legendary follower. It will be interesting to see what all my blood elves look like with … Continue reading

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Missing Follower NPC in 6.1

Wowinsider offered this post yesterday to excite us more for garrisons in 6.1. What do I think? Honestly, I don’t see myself using it much unless I’m hunting for a specific ability that I know I can get from a … Continue reading

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6.0.2 Survival Guide from Blizzard

Still waiting in queue or just can’t log in tonight? At least you can find out what’s changing this way. -FF

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